Off White and Dark Red Grained Castanets “Capricho” With Double Soundbox by Castañuelas del Sur

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Off White and Dark Red Grained Castanets “Capricho” With Double Soundbox by Castañuelas del Sur Ref.: 50174211632
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These Off-White and Dark Red Grained Castanets “Capricho” are the most professional model made by Castañuelas del Sur.

These exclusive castanets are made and personally engraved by the master craftsman Juan Vela (one of the founders of Castañuelas del Sur) and his son, craftsman maker Juan Manuel Vela who keeps on with the tradition nowadays.

Their soundbox provides a grave and enveloping sound and their shape fits perfectly in the hand. This model is main featured by his light weight, his little ears, a nuanced sound and a swift touch. The castanets are customized to suit the user needs in a high precision and very resistant material that gives them such fantastic sound.

These canvas or grained canvas castanets are a bit more resistant than the fiberglass ones. That's the reason why these castanets are the Jota dancers' favourite.

These castanets are perfect for soloists.

Very Important: The colour of the case may NOT be the same as in the picture.


Capricho nº 3 (9.6 cm x 7.7 cm)

Capricho nº 5 (9.3 cm. x 7 cm.)

Capricho nº 7 (8.7 cm. x 6.6 cm.)

All castanets made by Castañuelas del Sur are engraved according to their use. These are the three categories:

Beginners: HERNANDEZ

Professional use: CASTAÑUELAS DEL SUR

Top-of-the-line models “Capricho”: JUAN VELA SEVILLA.

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  • Audio Example Nº5Audio Example Nº5
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Me encantaron mis castañuelas blancas, la medida correcta y agradable sonido es la perfecta combinación para el estudiante de flamenco o para el solista profesional. I love my white castanets. It is the perfect size and their beautiful sound is the perfect combination for the flamenco student or the soloist dancer. Thank you it was worth the waiting.

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FlamencoExport Suggest

  • Whatever its characteristics, the castanets must be temperate in order to reach its complete sonority. You can achieve this only making them sound during many hours. Then you will have to take precautions: do not leave them “naked” after using them, put them in their cover.

    The humidity and the extreme temperatures are harmful, and can cause breaks and cracks. For the castanets’ fabrication we join the traditional knowledge and the technique in order to obtain a solid castanet, which gives to the professional dancer an instrument with a precise and right sound.

Comentario FlamencoExport

  • A male and a female compose a couple of castanets. The female has a taller key than the male, depending on the opening between the two pieces. Each castanet piece can be divided in the following parts:
    Heart: interior cavity.
    Shell: interior and round part of the piece
    Ears: upper part of the piece with two holes through which the rope passes to hold the two pieces together. The castanet is held by passing fingers through the rope.
    Bridge: it is the narrowest part of the instrument, where the two ears connect. It is also called “bisagra”.
    Point: it is the place where both pieces touch each other at the base of the shell. The quality of the sound depends very much of it.
    Lip: it is the stripe between the circle that borders the heart and the edge of the shell. Sometimes the lip has a small relief in form of an escudo that separates the ears from the piece’s part.
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