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  • Como Soy (CD+DVD). Jerónimo Maya 33.846€ #5048950489CDCOMOSOY Ref.: 5048950489CDCOMOSOY

    Como Soy (CD+DVD). Jerónimo Maya

    The songs on this new CD of Jeronimo Maya are all authentic flamenco of the most genuine style Caño Roto in addition to a variety of flamenco as Tangos, Alegrías, Bulerías, Granainas, Mineras, Soleas, Zambras and Rumbas. This musically and technically complex style is unique to the gypsy neighborhood of Madrid, where the largest concentration of most important flamenco guitarists in the world...

    Price: 33.85 € (Without taxes)
  • Cantares: flamenco singers sing Serrat 19.959€ #50112UN667 Ref.: 50112UN667

    Cantares: flamenco singers sing Serrat

    CANTARES The flamenco artists sing Serrat, an unique disc.The biggest flamenco artists sing the biggest success of Joan Manuel Serrat: Duquende, La Susi, José Mercé, Carmen Linares, Miguel Poveda, MªAngeles Fernández y Josemi Carmona, El Pelé, María Carrasco, Camarón et Tomatito,Montse Cortés et Paco Heredia, Enrique Morente, Mayte Martín, Diego Carrasco.

    Price: 19.96 € (Without taxes)
  • Omega. Enrique Morente 15.909€ #50112UN649 Ref.: 50112UN649

    Omega. Enrique Morente

    Enrique Morente crowns the dialogue between flamenco and rock, collaboraring with the group Lagartija Nick and flamencos like Vicente Amigo, Tomatito or Cañizares, to adapt the poems of Federico García Lorca and themes of Leonard Cohen.

    Price: 15.91 € (Without taxes)
  • Homenaje A Ramón De Algeciras 21.900€ #50112UN648 Ref.: 50112UN648

    Homenaje A Ramón De Algeciras

    In the disc of RAMON DE ALGECIRAS, an album of two Cds pays tribute to the big guitarist, accompanied by singers as Camaron, Niño Ricardo, La Susi and with his little brother, another big master of the spanish guitar Paco de Lucia. Ramon de Algeciras is the big brother of another great guitarist: Paco de Lucia. He is the one of the best guitarists representative of Niño Ricardo's school, to...

    Price: 21.90 € (Without taxes)
  • Flamenco for children. Cd 10.744€ #50112UN577 Ref.: 50112UN577

    Flamenco for children. Cd

    A selection of the mythical themes of flamenco for the youngest at home.Flamenco for children is the first compilation of flamenco music perfect to introduce the youngest to this musical style, artists of the great stature as Paco de Lucía, Camarón de la Isla, Tomatito or Pitingo, amongst others, are included in this record.

    Price: 10.74 € (Without taxes)
  • Pa Saber De Tangos 9.917€ #50112UN646 Ref.: 50112UN646

    Pa Saber De Tangos

    The flamenco tango is a style with a great rhytmic emphasis and is, with the bulería, the party-loving singing par excellence. It is a young and dynamic singing, in constant evolution, very used to direct and catchy choruses and is usually used by the flamenco artists to start their works and their performances. This compilation is a selection of styles and forms made by artists of...

    Price: 9.92 € (Without taxes)
  • Pa Saber de Flamenco 4 9.917€ #50112UN552 Ref.: 50112UN552

    Pa Saber de Flamenco 4

    "Pa Saber de Flamenco 4" is more a gem that a simple CD.It contains flamenco artists voices from all periods.Voices and guitars from Camaron de la Isla to Paco de Lucia, and more like Manolo S anlucar and Carmen Linares. You will also find classical voices as Antonio Mairena, Porrina de Badajoz, Manolo Caracol or El Chato de la Isla.This fourth volume of the collection "Pa saber de flamenco"...

    Price: 9.92 € (Without taxes)
  • Los gitanos cantan a Lorca 13.678€ #50112UN62 Ref.: 50112UN62

    Los gitanos cantan a Lorca

    The Gypsies sing Lorca in once disc. Lorcas poems are sung in the flamenco style. Fantastic.

    Price: 13.68 € (Without taxes)
  • Por Camaron 18.926€ #50112UN67 Ref.: 50112UN67

    Por Camaron

    Por Camaron - Tribute album.Commemorating the tenth anniversary of his death and under the title 'Por Camarón', the following artists participate in a tribute album to Camarón: Estopa, Niña Pastori, Rosario, Remedios Amaya, José el Francés, La Susi, Raimundo Amador, Diego Carrasco, Marina Heredia, José Lara, Kepa Junkera and Chonchi Heredia.His children Gema, Rocío and Luis Monge joined...

    Price: 18.93 € (Without taxes)
  • Autenticos 29.421€ #50113SME89 Ref.: 50113SME89


    The best selling artists, those who have stood out on the sales listings singing in spanish, are put together in this three disc album. The first two discs are mostly rumba rhythm with important artists from Spain and in the third disc there are emblematic songs and artists.

    Price: 29.42 € (Without taxes)
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