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  • Camaron de la Isla. I am a Gypsy, Flying I go, and Other Greatest Hits 18.017€ #50112UN81 Ref.: 50112UN81

    Camaron de la Isla. I am a Gypsy, Flying I go, and Other Greatest Hits

    Camaron de la Isla. Soy Gitano, Volando Voy y Otros Grandes Exitos (I am a Gypsy, Flying I go and Other Greatest Hits),is a compilation CD of this amazing singer´s greatest hits. You will be able to listen to songs such as Volando Voy, Soy Gitano, Al verte las flores lloran, Son tus ojos dos estrellas, Calle Real, La leyenda del tiempo and all in original version.

    Price: 18.02 € (Without taxes)
  • Pablo de Málaga.Enrique Morente 16.942€ #50112UN581 Ref.: 50112UN581

    Pablo de Málaga.Enrique Morente

    'Pablo de Málaga', the record that Enrique Morente has recorded and conceived in honour of Picasso in which he has adapted written texts by the artist from Málaga. ''Pablo de Málaga'' is a record of Enrique Morente for 2008. It comes up from the contact of  the cantaor (flamenco singer) with the written texts by Picasso, these texts, written in his handwriting , tells how was the painter’s...

    Price: 16.94 € (Without taxes)
  • Fandango from Huelva Anthology 12.550€ #50112UN400 Ref.: 50112UN400

    Fandango from Huelva Anthology

    This cd is the summary of the best flamenco of the history. You will find the very first tittles of many flamenco stars, and the last witnesses of the flamenco masters of the XX century.Four flamenco generations or a little art story.

    Price: 12.55 € (Without taxes)
  • Flamenco Classics. 2CDS 9.008€ #50080420594 Ref.: 50080420594

    Flamenco Classics. 2CDS

    Flamenco Classics: a pure flamenco best of, with themes performed by D. Antonio Chacón, Manuel Torre, La Niña de los Peines and Manuel Vallejo.

    Price: 9.01 € (Without taxes)
  • Querencia - Mayte Martín 19.587€ #50515EMI254 Ref.: 50515EMI254

    Querencia - Mayte Martín

    It's not like Mayte Martín releases many albums, but the ones he does come out with much class and viewpoint. En his new album we may find cantes that are common in his repertoire but had not been taken to the studio until now (Peteneras,la Cabal del Pena, Cantiñas de Pinini, Malagueñas, etc.). In addition, it restores Vidalita, in a much more flamenco format yet without excess. It also treats...

    Price: 19.59 € (Without taxes)
  • Sacromonte 13.636€ #50511BMG274 Ref.: 50511BMG274


    Sacromonte, by Enrique Morente, is this recording's title. Sacromonte is a neighborhood in Granada where gypsies live in caves and singing and dancing flamenco is part of the daily routine. Is one of the most important birthplaces of flamenco in all of Andalucía which has brought out important and famous bailaores, guitarrists and cantaores of flamenco such as Enrique Morente, el Polaco, los...

    Price: 13.64 € (Without taxes)
  • Jóvenes Maestros del Arte Flamenco - Rafael Campallo. DVD 29.917€ #50506T14C350 Ref.: 50506T14C350

    Jóvenes Maestros del Arte Flamenco - Rafael Campallo. DVD

    The farruca, soleá por bulerías, taranto and alegrías are the tracks of this record in which the young bailaor (flamenco dancer) Rafael Campallo is accompanied by some members of his family, who sing and as well as playing the guitar. This record can help listeners to get to know the Sevillian master from a more metric, more precise perspective, allowing us to get closer to his musical...

    Price: 29.92 € (Without taxes)
  • Honores a Tomas Pavon 18.350€ #50506650564 Ref.: 50506650564

    Honores a Tomas Pavon

    The cantaor/singer Jesús Heredia record a disc entitles "Honores a Tomás Pavón". On this work Jesús interprets a selection of styles used by the brother of la Niña de los Peines. Guitar from Perico el del Lunar, son.

    Price: 18.35 € (Without taxes)
  • When El Lebrijano sings water gets wet 16.950€ #50113DA578 Ref.: 50113DA578

    When El Lebrijano sings water gets wet

    Some day, the colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez said this from him: ‘’When Lebrijano sings, water gets wet’’. For his 50 years of career, the master from Lebrija wants to settle in the poetic way by dedicating his cd number 35 to the large and awarded work of the brilliant Colombian.    This is the discographic work number 35 for the 50 years of Juan Peña artistic career and...

    Price: 16.95 € (Without taxes)
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