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Juanito Valderrama. Tribute to Juanito Valderrama (CD + DVD)

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Juanito Valderrama. Tribute to Juanito Valderrama (CD + DVD) Ref.: 50112UN700
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  • 1. Juanito Valderrama - Romance De Curro El Palmo
  • 2. Manolo García - Al Compás De Una Guajira
  • 3. Victor Manuel - Ramito De Mejorana
  • 4. José Mercé - Pena Mora
  • 5. Sílvia Pérez Cruz - Mi Ruiseñor
  • 6. José Luis Perales - Madre Hermosa
  • 7. Miguel Poveda - Novia De Un Amigo Mío
  • 8. Diana Navarro - Su Primera Comunión
  • 9. Antonio Carmona - De Polizón
  • 10. Juan Valderrama - Mi María Jesús
  • 11. Pasion Vega - Angustias Cuando Te Miro
  • 12. Rocío Márquez - Guitarra Mía
  • 13. Arcángel - Limón Amargo
  • 14. Martirio - De Triana A Méjico
  • 15. David Peña Dorantes - Nanita Mare
  • 16. Estrella Morente - El Emigrante
  • DVD
  • 1. Various Artists - Making Of Juanito Valderrama
  • 2. Estrella Morente - El Emigrante

This is a Tribute Album to Juanito Valderrama. 2016 will be the 100th anniversary of the birth of the admired Juanito Valderrama. Important artists such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel, José Luis Perales, Manolo García, Pasión Vega, Martirio, Miguel Poveda, Silvia Pérez Cruz and Arcángel have joined together to pay him this tribute. Juanito Valderrama was a great man. He was born to sing to people, people owned him and he never let his people down. He went through good and bad times; he knew what success, glory and fame meant; he walked on the best stages but also on the most humble ones. He sold millions of albums.


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